Intel® Solutions for Lustre* Software

Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* Software 2.2

What We Are Announcing

We are pleased to announce the latest Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software. Lustre is the most widely used parallel distributed file system for data-intensive technical computing and Big Data applications. Around the world and across all industries, investments in very fast, highly scalable and simple to manage storage solutions are vital to solving important challenges and creating powerful competitive advantages. This release of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre software delivers innovative new new features while broadening the span of proven solutions.

What’s New?

  • Features and Enhancements:

    • Intel® Manager for Lustre support for OpenZFS: Purpose-built for HPC and designed to be extensible, storage solutions powered by Lustre can take advantage of new backing store file systems. Beginning with this release,  storage solutions based on Intel EE for Lustre* software can exploit the data resiliency and volume management capabilities available with OpenZFS. Additionally, this release delivers monitoring  of OpenZFS using Intel® Manager for Lustre.

    • Differentiated Storage Services (DSS): Co-developed with Intel Labs and available only with Intel EE for Lustre software, this advanced feature “tags” data with information about how the data is being utilized, so that software or hardware-based cache mechanisms know where to place data for optimal performance. Storage I/O for all applications and workflows can be improved using DSS, with small file and random I/O receiving the biggest boost.

    • HPC “connector” for MapReduce: Worldwide, the HPC sector continues to lead all others in the use of the Hadoop application framework. Building upon the unique software “connector” that allows Lustre to replace HDFS, we’re delivering another connector that couples Slurm* with YARN, and augments the Hadoop scheduler – allowing MapReduce applications to be scheduled like any HPC job. The innovative connectors that come as part of Intel EE for Lustre software eliminate key barriers to deploying MapReduce applications onto clustered HPC configurations.

    • Simpler. Smarter. More Productive: Backed by many years of being the innovation leader and global support provider for Lustre software, we know how to make Lustre simpler to deploy and manage. Our deep understanding with Lustre led to the creation of Intel® Manager for Lustre (IML) – a powerful but simple to use administrator’s cockpit. We’ve extended IML’s dynamic charts to include I/O performance for each storage device, helping administrators easily visualize the jobs consuming I/O resources and their performance impact. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve added new features into IML that shorten time to deploy new solutions, while at the same time ensuring they’re configured for optimal performance. Deploying and optimizing large scale-out storage solutions has never been simpler.

    • Support for new system software: Intel EE for Lustre software delivers new support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 6.6 servers and clients. Refer to the supported platforms matrix or contact us for the latest information about our growing spectrum of Intel EE for Lustre software powered storage solutions.  

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