Intel® Solutions for Lustre* Software

Intel® Foundation Edition for Lustre* Software

What We Are Announcing

Intel® Foundation Edition for Lustre* software couples the performance and scalability of the open source Lustre*, the most widely used file system for HPC, with unrivaled technical support expertise and experience from Intel®. Foundation Edition has been purpose-built to deliver benefits of large–scale, high bandwidth storage backed by Intel.

What’s New?

  • Product Components:

    • Open Source Lustre* Software: Purpose-built for data-intensive computing and the world’s most widely used parallel file system for high performance computing. 

    • Technical services and support from Intel®: Unrivaled global technical support and services from Intel®, the foremost experts with Lustre software.

  • Benefits:

    • Highest Performance: Intel® FE for Lustre* software has been designed to enable fully parallel I/O throughput across thousands of clients, servers, and storage devices. Metadata and data are stored on separate servers to allow optimization of each system for the different workloads they present. Fast, scalable storage allows organizations to accelerate time to results, and compute resources are used more efficiently as Lustre* delivers sustained data rates needed to feed processors.

    • Nearly Limitless Capacity: The object-based storage architecture of Intel FE for Lustre* software scales to tens of thousands of clients and petabytes of data.

    • Innovation Leadership: Strengthened by many years of innovation leadership, our technical expertise and experiences with Lustre are well known. Intel FE for Lustre* software is based on the proven open source Lustre* software foundation, and is hardware, server, and network fabric neutral. 

    • Maximum Flexibility: Institutions and enterprises can select Intel FE for Lustre software knowing they’ll have the broadest range of solutions – from very large to highly customized – built on a solid Lustre foundation.

    • Proven Stability and Maturity: Lustre* has been in use in the world’s largest data centers for well over a decade and hardened in the most demanding configurations. Intel FE for Lustre* software is rigorously tested, reliable, and backed by Intel®, the leading provider of technical support for Lustre* software.

    • Benefits from Intel® services and support: Your innovation-driven advantages - fueled by Intel Foundation Edition for Lustre software – are protected by the Lustre team inside Intel. Known worldwide as the driving force behind Lustre, our support expertise is extensive, responsive and vast. Get the advantages of Lustre, backed by the Lustre experts from Intel, to ensure storage infrastructure meets your more demanding levels of productivity, availability and overall performance.

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